Carpet Remnants. Why keep them?

You just had cozy warm carpet installed in all the bedrooms just before the snow flew. Ahhh! Now you can settle in for a bearish cold Canadian winter. You’re left with several offcut pieces from the install. Do you throw them away? We say NO WAY!

We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your carpets.

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#1: Those college kids often need a little cozy to add to their barren apartments and residences. Give them the feeling of home. Adding an area carpet to their living area, will give them a space they want to gather with their friends to study…or just hang out. Throwing down another piece by their bedside isn’t a bad idea either. Thanks mom, you’re the best!

#2: Cats are prone to scratching. Your carpet, your walls, your furniture, and someties even you! If you’ve got an extra piece of carpet lying around, why not get crafty and build a scratching post for your furry friend? Most cats will stick to scratching a specific spot if its provided to them. So wrap some carpet around a beam in your unfished basement, or get really fancy and build them a cat tree with a scratching post attached. Your fur babies will be thrilled to have soething that they are allowed to destroy.

#3: Looking to bring new life to your furniture? Upholster some leftover carpet to an ottoman or chair seat to add some extra cushioning and brightness. Simply stretch your carpet tight over the peice of furniture and staple along the bottom, following where the origional fabric has been stapled. This DIY is a great way to update your decor on a budget.

#4: Gardening is a wonderful way to spend some time in the great outdoors and help all those critters around your area find food or shelter. Gardening can also be very hard on your knees. Our solution is to use a peice of…you guessed it…Carpet! Fold up a piece and rest your knees on it while you work away at your little oasis.

#5: Let’s Be honest, toys can be expensive! Especially when you’ve just spent the money to put new carpet in your home. If youve got a piece laying around, you can make your own! There are two ways to make a super fun ractrack that your kids will play iwht for hours. First, If youve got a low pile carpet, you can paint a track onto your carpet, complete with a finish line and pit stop station. Second, if youve got a higher pile carpet, you can actually cut the track out with hair clippers, or scissors. This method allows for your child to drive their cars in the negative space. What a great way to repurpose your remnants!

#6: Your stairs are one of the most well worn areas of flooring in your home. if your stairs need a facelift, try a stair runner! You can use your remnant to carpet your stairs, and bring them back to their former glory. Bind your remnant along its edges and embrace a safe and comfortable floor covering.

#7: Finally, use it as a mat for dirty boots and shoes! Put it in your garage or by your door to help catch those muddy feet before they get inside and leave footprints everywhere.

There are so many uses for carpet remnants.We’d love to hear from you about how you used yours. Contact us on social media or visit us in store to show us all about your projects!

By Mya Stolte

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