Out with the old, In with the new

We have been operating out of our trusty little trailer for a while now, but it was certainly time for a change.

so when we were presented witht the idea of this gently used, BIGGER trailer, we couldnt pass it up. This trailer hasnt been used as a flooring trailer by it’s previous owner, which came with both pros and cons. For instance, it doesnt have the storage shelves that we would prefer, but that means that we can build our own shelves to fit our exact needs!

That’s about the only downfall! hee hee! This new (to us) trailer is taller, longer, the doors close, and the floor isnt soft. It’s superior in almost every way. except that we have to install out own shelves, but the guys were up to the challenge.

The guys took this as a chance to practice thier problem solving, and teamwork skills, and got to work right away.

After working out their plan, they cleaned the floor of the trailer, and began building the new shelves. Remembering to measure twice, cut once. The guys all pitched in, at one point even holding onto the same board to be extra precise.

After building the shelves, they were installed into the left side of the trailer. The shelves were leveled and secured to the floor nice and tight, as I demonstrated here.

Brian is still planning on a couple of upgrades, including some battery powered lights. I suggested lava lamps, but it was denied.

All this to say, we love having a new tool for our ever growing business, and I’m sure that we will get lots of use out of it.

Written by: Mya Stolte

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