Flooring for tiny rooms

A lot of times you get stuck with that room in your house that leaves you stumped, or maybe even a little claustrophobic. What on earth do you do to make it feel larger?

There are lots of ideas online about how to make a room feel bigger, most of them involving furniture (or lack there of) but flooring is our wheelhouse. It’s what we do. It’s in our name.

We have customers ask us all the time, “how do I make my tiny bathroom feel less cramped?” , and here are some of the things that we recommend.

#1 Look on the bright side

The darker the room, the more like a cave it feels. Usually people use this strategy when choosing paint colours, but it applies to flooring as well. choosing a lighter tile or plank can make your room feel instantly bigger. a lighter floor will also give the light form windows or fixtures something to reflect off of, brightening the room further.

Going for a bright white marble tile like this one from Casa Roma might be the best choice for you

#2 Keep it simple

While an ornate tile is gorgeous for shower walls or a grand entrance, a busy tile will make the floor look cluttered and small. instead go for a simple or neutral tile to draw the attention to the other parts of your room that are more important.

This porcelain tile with subtle veining is a great example of this

#3 Go big or go home

Just like you don’t want a busy patterned tile, you also don’t want to be distracted by lots of grout lines. The larger the tile, the fewer lines you will end up with.

It’s kind of a trick, like forced perspective. a larger tile makes you and all of your amenities feel smaller. Also, fewer grout lines to clean, so bonus!

Opt for a large tile, like this 24″x48″ tile from Centura tile

Whatever you choose, make sure that it matches your style, so that even if it’s small, it still feels like you.

written by; Mya Stolte

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