Spring 2023 Trends in Flooring and Tile

Spring is here! Which means spring cleaning, spring renovations, and new life! Let’s take a look at some trends that we are seeing this spring.

Natural wood

Grey tones have been popular over the past five years or so, but natural tones are making a comeback. Weather that is in a natural product such as hardwood, or a synthetic product such as vinyl plank. Natural colours give an earthy, and timeless feel.

Right now, younger Millennials and older Gen z’s are buying and renting their own homes. The younger people create the trends, and right now cottagey and minimalist is the style. It’s all about warmth and peace. So natural wood is perfect. You will rarely see a Pinterest mood board with a cool grey wood floor anymore.

This is Richmond Flooring’s Summit White Oak in colour Natural

Artisanal Tile

Following the theme of natural, or natural looking materials, is tile. Tiles that look hand made and slightly imperfect are very big right now. Especially ones with a glaze, that are meant for the wall. This feel lends itself to the odd metals and plethora of plants that fill many young peoples homes. We have seen these tiles before in the art deco movement in the 70’s but all things come back into style at some point. The tiles now are colours that are in style today, while executing a successful throwback with the authenticity that they add to a room. One of these styles is called Zellige tiles, which means little polished stone. These tiles are unique in shape and colour to each other, leaving you with a natural looking space.

Read more about Zellige tiles here: Spring 2023 Trends in Flooring and Tile

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is making a comeback! Gone are the days of thin spongey laminate. Now we have sturdy, water-resistant (and in some cases water PROOF!) eco-conscious, and stylish laminate! A lot of people enjoy the warmth of laminate over vinyl plank, plus laminate is made of wood and paper composite so it is biodegradable, where vinyl plank is not. Not to mention that the graphics of laminate have improved greatly in the past 15 years. Sometimes it’s even tough to tell the difference between laminate and hardwood.

This is Mohawk Flooring’s RevWood, one of our waterproof laminates

Natural Stone Tile

Another tile making a statement is natural stone tile. These are versatile because they fit an array of different aesthetics. They could be put in a modern minimalist home, an industrial and artistic space, or a cozy farmhouse. These tiles are not always natural stone, some are ceramic, but the important part is that they mimic natural stone. No special design or glaze, these should feel like they came straight off of a mountain.

These are from Richmond Tile’s Carleton and Rustic Stone collections.

These are just a few of the flooring and tile trends this spring, but come on in and we can show you even more in person! We can even install for you, ensuring top notch work.

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