Not Just Your Mother’s Linoleum…

If you haven’t been shopping for flooring in awhile, walking into a flooring store can be overwhelming!  So much so, for some people, it has stopped them in their tracks, delaying the project more than necessary.  Their brains just can’t process all of the new information, decisions can’t be made with the overload. 

Gone are the days where you only have 3 choices in flooring: hardwood; carpet; linoleum.  (Although…while traveling through the East Coast a couple of years ago, we decided to venture into the local flooring stores. To our surprise, we did find exactly those 3 choices and nothing else. But that’s another story…So how do you manage all of the choices?

It is our mission to take you through the confusing world of flooring, stress free, and help you make the best choices for the needs of you and your family.  It is our pleasure to answer all of your questions, big or small.   

What we hope to accomplish with this blog is provide you with the most up-to date ideas and flooring options available.  We want to share our knowledge with you, so that we can help to make your choices a little easier.  We will answer common question and create resources for you to reference when you are in need (like when Little Billy spills chocolate milk all over the white carpet and you need to know the quickest way to get out the stain!) 

Come on over and see us, spend some time looking through our show room and asking your questions. Let us place the best floors under your feet.

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