Kim’s En-suite

Eight years ago, Brian and I purchased our dream home – what I told him would be our forever home. I’m pretty sure I meant it.

At the time we were living in a 1160sf home with a crawl space. With three young children, we were looking for a place to grow. This new home had everything we were looking for: large, spacious bedrooms, a finished basement with a walk-out, almost three full acres to play on, and, most importantly to me, three bathrooms! I would have settled for two, three was a dream!

As with every home purchase, there were inevitable changes that needed to be made in order to convert the house into our little nest, and suiting our style, personality and needs.

In this post, I want to share with you our current project. The en-suite bath. Above is a rough – and I do mean rough – sketch of our layout.
This space is MINE. Sort of. I guess I do have to share it with Brian, but….no children, or pets…my space…my sanctuary…my private little spa…my little corner of paradise. A place to go after a long day of work to soak in the tub; a place to escape the busyness of family life with teens; a place to find solitude, peace and stillness.

The before picture? Not worthy of a camera. This bath was floor to ceiling blue tile, with blue paint, and…blue counter top. Blue – it’s one of my favorite colours. But I prefer navy and denim shades over any other. This tile in this en-suite was murky blue with a grey-ish undertone. The tiles used were a very unfashionable 13″x13″ square tile throughout the floor and walls of the shower. EWW! It is time for an up-date! Stay tuned for the incredible update!

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