Preteen Bedroom: Carpet for Tender Feet

When the owners of a century home decided to renovate their 12-year-old daughter’s room, they were determined to put carpet in for heating reasons and a refreshing change from the 2 1/2 inch hardwood throughout the rest of the home.

The wait is long, however, when demolishing lathe and plaster, ancient wood framing and rebuilding everything to code. After many months, they were ready for us.

But before we get too far into the story, let’s take a look at the floor layout, and the carpets they were choosing from.

The couple wanted a fairly long pile for their carpeting in order to make it soft and warm on their daughter’s (and guest’s) feet. This part of the house was quite cool (as many old homes can be), and a cold floor in the morning is not fun. They also wanted something that would be durable enough to handle kids and pets, and hide the mess that would inevitably appear. We showed them our Lexmark line.

Spiced Peppercorn
Malted Mocha
Cookies and Cream
Drizzled Cocoa

The Charleston line had a nice fleck in it which would be perfect for hiding dust and dirt, and the pile was luxe enough to satisfy any feet.

Lexmark Charleston

They ultimately chose the lighter grey option – cookies and cream.  Her bedroom would be painted turquoise and light grey so the grey carpet would work wonderfully and would go with any paint and decor changes to come throughout her remaining years in the home. Lexmark carpeting has a lifetime warranty on stains and pet accidents, which was important to the customers. It has a 20 year manufacturing warranty as well.

The team goes in this week to lay the carpet. Come back in a few weeks for the install pictures and the final reveal!

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