When There is No Match to Your Wood Floors…

So often customers come to us with their remaining laminate pieces or carpet strips asking for more of the same product, but sadly it isn’t made anymore. 25 year old floors are considered outdated by producers, and unusual styles are removed from circulation if not enough is sold by their companies. So what can be done? Here are some suggestions that may help before and after a flooring project:

  1. When planning your project initially, buy extra product if you decide to make a doorway bigger, remove part of a wall or have partial damage.
  2. Pick something classic or timeless such as natural maple wood or semi-gloss ceramic tile. There is a higher chance of these products lasting on the shelves and staying in style over the years.
  3. Keep an open mind when attempting to match: depending on the reason you need more flooring, a vinyl plank with the same colour scheme may actually compliment/accentuate the original flooring. If the carpeting was a certain colour, consider commercial carpet may be the only kind with the best shade.
  4. Ask an expert. You would be surprised at the suggestions that come from someone who has installed various flooring styles over the years.
  5. Look online at ebay or other web sources for people selling the same flooring. Of course, your retailer could look for discounted pieces that may still be around on the internet within their own sources so always check with them first.
  6. Rip it out and start again! Take the opportunity for a refreshing look, with superior products than when you first laid your floor.

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