Hexagon Trickling Floor Patterns

One of the most interesting styles in flooring I have seen this year is a blend of two (or three) types of flooring gradually combined together, often instead of a standard transition piece. The hexagon ceramic tile, coming in various shapes and colours, transitioning into a wood floor has such a bold effect; it is so eye-catching.


As you can see, the wood is cut to make room for the tile. A lot of hard work (and measuring of angles and lengths) goes into placing these tiles just so. Below is a great blog describing a couple’s experience at this technique: they did start with the ceramic tile down first, however.

Hexagon Tile Floor Transition Entrance

Imagine walking into a room and seeing a dynamic transition not on the floor, but on the wall! How about trickling tile across a desk, up a staircase or a touch of both!

Hexatile Brillo – by Centura

There are SO MANY hexagon styles to choose from – come and check out our Centura collection or our extensive racks of Casa Roma tile. Wall, floor, or backsplash. we’ve got here for you at Stirling Carpet and Flooring!

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