This is the Time to Plan

Today in Ontario is the first day that stores of “non-necessity” have to close due to the COVID-19 scare. Sadness and frustration are taking over the hearts of small business men and women as uncertainty looms. How will our “living” survive with this large blip in our calendar?

Our customers come first at Stirling Carpet and Flooring and your orders are our top priority. But for those who wanted floors ordered this month, patience is needed. Once we are up and running again we are all yours!

So what to do until then? Now is the time to plan! As you stew at home about the construction zone around you, or the long wait for those kitchen cupboards and new windows to come, dream and scheme about your future floors. As you are quarantined in your homes have fun looking over design magazines or style websites and see what ideas are out there.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting inspirational flooring styles off the web and from our suppliers to help you plan. Our email and Facebook Messaging will still be manned and questions will still be answered. Throw us your ideas as we would love to talk flooring!

This is a weird and crazy time for all of us in the working world. Let’s enjoy the time with our families, as we are, and embrace the quiet, this time of rest, this time of planning.

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