Wood Accent Walls

About two years ago I redecorated my son‘s bedroom, and while shiplap was super popular at the time, I went a step further and created an accent wall as well. You can’t see it in the picture above, but the other three walls were pale blue shiplap.

The shiplap style may be going by the wayside in 2020, but an accent wall will always be a wonderful addition to a room. Wallpaper a wall, or paint it dark red (I’ve done both), an accent wall in the right place can make the room bigger, and/or bring one’s attention to an important area.

I do believe there was a time when carpet was laid on the walls…not that I am encouraging that…

Leftover wood flooring or laminate is a great way to cover a wall. The wood that I used was called Beachhouse, which is sadly no longer made. But there are many, many styles of wood that can be used.

Of course, vinyl planks can be glued right on the wall in any pattern. With is being much easier to cut (just an X-acto knife) and so lightweight, it may be preferable for DIYers without the electric saw.

Interestingly, cork is used, often in dens or games rooms, to provide texture and safety from the odd flying dart.

So, as you look around your home during this forced break in our schedules, is there a room that needs a change? Some livening up? Is there a special spot in your house like a fireplace or breakfast nook that could be enhanced by an accent wall?

Be sure to check out our flooring options here, and maybe you will be inspired to buy something to actually put on your walls!

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