Inspiring Patterned Carpet

For those of us quarantined from completing our renovation projects, this is the time to plan! Over the next few weeks we are posting some inspirational content to help you dream and design.

There is something to be said about wall-to-wall carpeting: comfort and warmth for sure, but with the patterns available today a room can be even better.


When creating an elegant look to a room an embossed pattern like Lexmark’s Florence above can enhance an already present European look, or can even be an eye-catching centrepiece all on it’s own.

Of course, a more sophisticated look may be what you are going for: colour and pattern but in a smaller way. These next two Lexmark products show just that – a medium-sized pattern in two separate colours.


Most common in our rural area is a soft cut carpet with either one or two coloured flecks in it. This lush feel on your feet is perfect for a bedroom, and also helps to hide evidence of everyday dust/dirt.

Commercial carpeting is one place where modern style and bold colour can be anything you want! Whether in the business place or the hospitality business, there is great inspiration to be found:

Paradigm II

Carpets are much improved over their predecessors from even just 10 years ago. Whether it’s made of polyester or nylon, the denser the pile, the better the carpet will be.

Don’t forget to check out our main site at Stirling Carpet & Flooring as we have a wide variety of patterned carpet, both residential and commercial. Want pattern but not wall-to-wall? Have your carpet cut and bound!

Happy planning!

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