Pet-Proof Carpeting?

We at Stirling Carpet & Flooring are pet lovers. You can probably tell when you come in the store to see Gracie and Waldo. (Yes, you can ask ‘Where’s Waldo?’ if you don’t see him).

And here are my two at home on the carpet: Oscar and Picket.

So how can we stand having pets on our carpet? What about the inevitable stains? Let’s take a look at one great solution: SmartStrand Forever Clean by Mohawk. It is gorgeous, soft, and has what they call “All Pet Protection.”

Smart Strand forever clean. All Pet protection and warranty

Mohawk advertises protection from pets including bunnies (yay!), birds and reptiles. All accidents. All Pets. All the time. Can’t beat that.

So how do they do it?

Certainly all carpeting manufactured today is of much better quality than the even 10 years ago. Companies have found ecological ways to enhance the feel, comfort and life of every flooring we sell. Here are some of the features of SmartStrand Forever Clean:

  • 0% moisture absorption to reduce pet odors in the carpet fiber: pet accidents will not absorb into the fiber.
  • NanolocTM spill and soil shield encapsulates the fiber for quick and easy cleanup
  • 3X easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander.
  • Lifetime, built-in stain protection

For a more detailed look at the Warranty, click here. And for a full brochure of the Brand, click here.

There are many styles and colours within this collection, including patterned like the picture above. The best way to choose your carpeting is by coming into the store, looking (and touching!) the many samples we have on hand. Book your appointment with Kim and she will take you in the right direction. She may even let you bring your bunny!

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