Beautiful Bathrooms

While wonderful rumours are circulating that stores and parks are opening again after many weeks of self-quarantine, our customers are excitedly planning their renovations. So let’s take a look at some bathroom inspiration:

There are so many decorating ideas for bathrooms even when just looking at flooring and tile. The patterns, the positioning, the colours! Enhance your tub surround with a detailed border, or contrast the white floors with a colourful accent wall. Or put all the focus on the shower!

Below are some lovely ice blue tiles contrasting against the dark brown vanity and walls. As you well know, I love me some blue tile, and the combination of dark brown and light blue are wonderful for a bathroom.

Better Homes and Gardens

Our look: Centura’s ice blue textured tiles called ‘Hands’ has the similar look as above. Below you see not only the tile behind the tub, but also two horizontal stripes of the same tile.

Hands by Centura: Blue

BHG – Farmhouse Bathrooms

Bathrooms have many styles; some to match the rest of the home’s decor and some to give opportunity for change. Here we see the large rustic hexagon flooring in varying colours for a rustic farmhouse look.

BHG – Cottage Bathrooms

Above is a bright, warm white cottage bathroom with both a mosaic tile on the floor and a creamy beige subway tile around the tub. I love the two-toned subway tile, and, our look, below is a taupe brick quite similar.

Castle by Centura: Taupe

And who’s to say you can’t have wood in your shower? This porcelain tile has the look of wood and is a great accent to a shiny white bathroom.

Casaroma: Frontier Fagio (shower); Geo Stone Bianco (floor)

And finally, a showpiece from Stirling Carpet & Flooring! Below are pictures of a shower installed and tiled by Brian. Three types of tile (ceiling, too), and a hidden side drain for kicks!

Stirling Carpet & Flooring

Well, hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon! For now, take a look at our main website for products and more ideas, or call Kim at the office and book an appointment. Borrow some samples, get a free estimate, and beautify those bathrooms!

Happy planning!

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