Advantages of Armstrong Alterna Tile

Recently Alterna has taken over kitchen and bathroom renovations. with the look of stone or wood, and the warmth of vinyl, many homeowners are choosing Alterna for their projects. Alterna has many benefits. Lets look at a couple, shall we?
Grain Directions – Earth Flax D7363

Alterna is a glue down product and our team has been working with similar products for a long time, making installation straight forward. Because the tiles are made with a combination of of vinyl and limestone, the tiles are flexible so your sub floor doesn’t need to be perfectly level, cutting prep time down significantly. Glue down method also keeps the tiles from sliding around and can therefore be installed over large surfaces.
Allegheny State – Copper Mountain D7332

You can achieve many different looks with Alterna. The tiles come in many different colours and sizes. Alterna fits with all kinds of personal styles. You could install the “stone” tiles in a mosaic on a bathroom floor with matching grout. In a kitchen, you could install the “wood” tiles placed right up against one another, without grout, to mimic the look of a traditional wood floor.

Alterna is also very forgiving. Even though it often has a stone look to it, it is slightly softer. if you were to drop something onto the floor there isn’t a guarantee that it will shatter. With a ceramic floor, your belongings are much more likely to break upon impact. Alterna is also highly water resistant, further proving how fantastically it works in a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.
Curvatures – Sunrise Dream D71634

Standing in front of a mirror has never been more tempting! Vinyl Flooring is preferable for its warmth, with the tiles retaining heat much better than a traditional stone, porcelain, or ceramic floor. The tiles are also Comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time. Your bare feet are much less likely to go cold from standing in front of your bathroom vanity. You will be able to feel the positive difference between a ceramic floor and Alterna.

Give Alterna a try in your next renovation, and notice the improvement it makes in any busy household.

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