How to Prepare for Flooring Installers

The reno is about to begin and the flooring installers are coming! Time to get ready! Here are some basic tips to help:

  • Clean up! Even if the install team is planning on ripping up the old flooring, a little vacuum or tidy can be helpful. If you have toys, paperwork, pet supplies, make sure they are all out of the way.
  • Make sure the entrance is clear. Similar to point 1, the team will be in and out with supplies, heavy rolls and boxes, and tools so please make sure there is nothing that can hinder their movement from the driveway to the renovation.
  • Be sure someone is home. The team arrives at 8am! Make sure the house is unlocked and arrangements have been made ahead of time.
  • ($ tip) Move furniture beforehand where you can. This will save you a few dollars on your labour cost if you plan ahead. Tell your installer you will move the furniture yourself before he makes up the invoice!
  • ($ tip) Rip up old carpeting and dispose of it to save money. A messy job but someone has to do it! As per moving furniture, tell your installer before he makes up the invoice.
  • Hide your pets. At Stirling Carpet & Flooring we are dog-lovers but not when laying tile. We will pet them after the job is done!
  • Put the coffee on… (Purely optional but it is 8am!)
  • Disclose any pertinent details about the home, its possessions, and/or its occupants. The last thing we want is a misunderstanding.
  • Stay far from the installation, especially with Covid-19 going on. Everyone’s personal space is important during this strange pandemic…and the tools are sharp.

And just a little FYI: our installation team is what our company is known for! Brian, owner/operator, and John have been doing this for years – from carpeting to backsplash – they know their stuff! Call for a free measurement!

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