Waterproof Laminate?

Recently here at Stirling Carpet and Flooring, we have had an increase in customers asking about our laminate options.

GOOD NEWS! We have just been hand delivered 5 new laminate samples this week. Not just any laminate either! This is RevWood laminate from Mohawk Flooring. RevWood offers two different levels of moisture and scratch resistance. RevWood Select and RevWood Plus. Revwood has innovative water proofing technology like Hydroseal, GenuEdge, and Uniclic. As well as A pet proof warranty.

Hydroseal is Mohawk’s Very own laminate coating. This coating repels water so planks resist swelling from moisture.

GenuEdge is a whole new way of sealing laminate planks. GenuEdge bevels allow the protective coating to wrap arounf the edges of each plank for enhanced realism and added moisture protection. Even the joints are moisture proof!

Uniclic is the industry’s leading glueless locking system. Uniclic technology allows the planks to click together and maintain tight joints that trap water on the surface.

On top of all of that water and moisture proofing, RevWood also has the All Pet Protection and warranty. All Pet is the only pet friendly protection system that covers All pets, All accidents, All the time, PLUS scratch protection.

RevWood Select comes with Hydroseal, Uniclic, and All Pet Plus. RevWood Select offers six collections in a large variety of styles and colors. All options feature deep, hand-scraped textures for added contrast. RevWood Select is designed to withstand spills and splashes that would normally be quite damaging to laminate floors.

Revwood Plus has Hydroseal, GenuEdge, Uniclic, and All Pet Plus. Extreme moisture protection allows this floor to be steam mopped. isn’t that unbelievable for a laminate floor? RevWood Plus features eight stylish collections that display deep, hand-scraped textures and a wide variety of styles.

Both RevWood Select, and RevWood Plus are simple to install, but as always, we recommend that Brian and our installation crew install your floor, for a professional finish

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