Our Spring Sale is here!

We here at the store have been waiting for the spring sale and its finally here! The spring sale has always been an exciting time, because we can help you to get the flooring you want most for a great deal. We cant wait to show you what we have to offer. So lets Dive in!

Starting off we have two products from our Richmond laminate line. “Castlemore” and “Character”. Both of these laminates have multiple colour options and have an embossed woodlike finish. “Castlemore” also features the “AtroGaurd” water resistant core!

Next on our list is One of Laurentian hardwoods best. the product on sale this spring is “Connel”. “Connel” is an engineered hardwood. Engineered Hardwood is the hardwood that we install mostly nowadays, so if you were to take advantage of these great spring savings, our installation crew would be the best people for the job.

Also included in the spring sale are many “Firmfit” products. “FirmFit” is one of our many vinyl products. The “FirmFit” products highlighted in this years spring sale are “FirmFit” plank, and “FirmFit” Premium Plank&Tile. These vinyl planks and tiles have been taking our showroom by storm because of their durability and beautiful appearance.

Ceramic tiles have found their way onto the sales list as well! “Wall art Hexagons” have got to be one of my favorite sheet tiles that we carry. These Hexagon tiles come on 12″X12″ sheets are best suited to floors and give a timeless look to any bathroom or shower.

And last but not least we have the Product that Has been very popular among our new home builds. That’s right, its “Rigid Core Vantage”! This vinyl plank has been a great seller but that also makes it one of our more expensive products. With the price drop during the spring sale, “Rigid Core Vantage” is even more appealing than ever!

Even though we are not officially open to the public at the moment, we are available by phone, email, and private appointment. To Find out more, visit our website https://www.stirlingflooring.ca/ or to see products online, visit https://floorsfirst.ca/en/. Whatever way you decide to check out the spring sales event, do it quickly because its only on until the end of May!

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