The benefits of having a professional install your flooring

A flooring project is a big undertaking, whether you are doing it yourself, or are having it done by a contractor. Some people have the skills required to do it alone, so hats off to you! Other people are more comfortable with letting other people do the dirty work. My hope is to help you make the decision between DIY and hiring a professional.

1.Less work for you

Wouldn’t it be great if you could snap your fingers and have a new floor? I would certainly love to have that superpower. As fantastic as that would be, it’s not a reality. But hiring a professional to install your floor gets you pretty darn close! Having someone else come into your home, cuts down your work substantially. Some installers will even move your furniture out of the way for you. All that you have to do is stay out of the way and let the magic happen.

2.Many years of experience

Our installation team, as well as many others, have been doing this work for many many years. Brian and John, our faithful flooring experts, have been installing flooring for 30+ years. When you’ve been in a profession for that long, you learn tricks and easier ways to do things. Experience also boosts finesse and professionalism. Problems that have you pulling your hair out, may be easily solved with the help of an experienced installer (or Jedi master)

3.Teaching opportunities

Lots of those incredible installers are training new people to take over the industry one day. When you hire a professional, you could also be opening the door for a young up and comer to gain valuable business skills and experience. I am one of those young people who have the privilege of going out on installations with our crew. I have not just learned the trade, but also people skills, and respect for the hard work that goes into making homes look beautiful. You get to have a hand in the education of people like me.

4.Style and design advice

Even before the flooring is ordered, there is the process of choosing what you like. I know that any showroom, including our own, can be a little bit overwhelming. There are just too many choices! With our help, you can come to a decision about what is best for your space. We can help weed out wrong colours, sizes, and textures. Our resident stylist,(and owner) Kim, has been helping homeowners achieve their vision for 13 years. She has an eye for Unique floors that you may not have even considered, but ultimately become your favourite. Hiring a professional can help you to feel more confident in your choices, because, lets face it, after installing flooring for over thirty years, we know what works, what looks good, and we always have your best interests at heart.

5.Moral support

We know what a big deal replacing flooring can be, and we want to be there to support you during this process. When you enter our store we hope that you feel welcome and comfortable, and ready to take your next steps together. When you deal with professionals, you have someone along side you at all times to help answer your questions and give you their opinions. you don’t have to feel alone in your next flooring project.

6.Supporting local

With the Pandemic stretching on, its more important than ever to shop local. Luckily for you, most Contractors stay within a moderate driving distance of their home bases. That fact alone almost guarantees that the installer that you find will be local. A lot of installers source their materials from local businesses as well. sourcing locally makes a difference in your local economy and helps decrease the stress on the environment. Not to mention, it feels good to know the people that you are working with.

There are many reasons to hire someone else to do your flooring. Of course doing it yourself is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but its good to know about all of your options. I hope that this article has cleared up some of the confusion surrounding how to go about your renovation.

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Written by Mya Stolte

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