5 Signs that it may be time to replace your Flooring

Renovating your floors can be a big undertaking but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. The first step is knowing when to replace your existing floors. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to start the task.


The telltale sign that its time to replace flooring is damage. This comes in many different forms depending on the type of floor. A hardwood for example, may pucker at the seams because of moisture changes, or scratch and gouge from furniture or pets. Whereas carpet may have pulled loops or tears. Sometimes its as simple as replacing a cracked ceramic tile, but other times it will be a larger job. whichever floor that you have currently installed, if you notice tears, gouges, holes, or cracks, it may be time to consider updating. Often times once floors start to become damaged they quickly decrease in quality.


A lot of floor coverings can last for a long time, but when your floors get older they tend to loose durability. You may notice Thinning of carpet plie or Loss of pad plushness in high traffic areas. Or maybe the finish of your plank floors is wearing off, This can be uncomfortable underfoot and rather unsightly to look at. Age is a large contributor to homeowners changing their floors.


Stains can be a deal breaker for some floor coverings, and homeowners will choose to replace for this reason. Stains can sometimes be overlooked if they are in an easily hidden place but if they are not hidden they can quickly become an eyesore. Of course stains appear on all types of flooring in some way or another, but they are most prevalent on carpet. Carpet is absorbent and cannot be mopped, so it is difficult to get stains out once they appear. Stains also tend to leave behind odors, no matter how hard you scrub, Especially if you have pets. Many newer carpets have stain protection in them, but not all older carpets have this feature. If your floors have stains that are causing you issues you might want to replace either a portion of them or the whole floor.


Something that can be a concern to homeowners, is sanitation. If a floor covering is no longer keeping clean the way its supposed to, by becoming thin like old carpet or by absorbing foreign materials more easily, it can become an issue to people with allergies or respiratory problems. If a flooring is not properly waterproofed and there is water damage, it can lead to mold or mildew build up, contributing to poor air quality. If your Flooring is causing you health problems, it is definitely time to change it.


A more fun reason to change up your Flooring is a change in personal style. Perhaps you are moving into a new home and the existing flooring feels outdated. Maybe your lifestyle is changing, whether that’s by expanding your family with a spouse or children, or maybe pets. You might even be feeling unhappy with a flooring decision that made sense to you years ago, but doesn’t anymore. You should be happy with your flooring, and if it isn’t your style anymore, then maybe its time for a refresher.

Whatever your reason for updating your home’s flooring, we here at Stirling Carpet and Flooring want to help! We carry a large variety of products, styles, and price points. we understand that renovating your floors might be scary or confusing, but our professional installation team as well as our wonderful in-office staff, want to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

Written by Mya Stolte

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