SmartStrand is the Smart Choice

Written by: Mya Stolte

You may think that carpet is out of date, but it’s still 60% of our business! I’m not talking about shag that covers your ankles, I’m talking about carpet that compliments your style and feels warm underfoot. Carpet has come a long way since the days of moss green shag, it now features a large selection of colours, paterns, and thicknesses. Carpet also has improved greatly in terms of stain resistance. Especially when you take a look at Mohawk SmartStrand.

Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is simply built different. Literally! The fibres have a permanent, built in, stain protection. SmartStrand uses “Nano-loc” stain protection, which, after three steam cleanings, leaves carpet with 100% of the stain protection remaining. Whereas nylon, which is used in other carpet fibres, looses 50% of it’s stain protection after the same three steam cleans. SmartStrand comes with “All Pet” warranty,and a lifetime stain proof warranty.

SmartStrand doesn’t just talk a big game though, they’ve put it to the test multiple times over the past twelve years.

2009: Mohawk put SmartStrand carpet in the home of Ricko the rhino. Ricko lived on the carpet for two weeks. You can imagine what kind of mess a rhino could make, but Mohawk was still confident in their product’s construction. After two weeks, employees scraped off the mess, and cleaned the carpet with hot water and a steam cleaner. The results? The carpet looked as good as new! The carpet wasn’t crushed due to the kinked, “coil like” strands, unlike other nylon carpets with straight strands.

2010: After the Ricko the rhino challenge, Mohawk really had to up their game, and what better way to do that, than by upping the number of animals living on their carpet? They decided to do just that! A whoppping six large animals lived on the SmartStrand carpet this time. These animals included; three elephants, two camels, and a BIG black rhino. Guess what, They got the same results! The SmartStrand can handle that wildlife, it can certainly handle yours.

2011: This time, Mohawk decided to put it up against some of the messiest creatures on earth, KIDS! SmartStrand was taken to the “Family Circle Cup” where there were many messy games played on top of the carpet. One of these games was bowling with open drink bottles, including, fruit punch, cola, and sports drinks. The carpets were cleaned afterwards, and you can probably guess how it turned out. They were Clean!

2012: Mohawk Hosted the “messiest kids contest”. Here, a multitude of crafts were made on the carpet, mud was roled around in and crushed into the carpet and to push the envelope even further, the kids in attendance also made ice cream sundaes on the carpet (they didn’t eat them of course). As per the previous tests, the carpet was cleaned and no residual stain was left!

2013: After all of those tests, Mohawk thought “let’s take it on the road!” And that’s exactly what they did. SmartStrand was taken to 12 different food festivals. It was used and abused, and festival attendees were encouraged to grind their foods into the carpet, for research of course. The same results as the other tests were found,and people were amazed.

2014: Next, SmartStrand was installed on the “Puppy Bowl” field. Puppies are SUPER cute, but also SUPER messy! Yet again, SmartStrand stood it’s ground.

2015: On the 10th anniversary of Mohawk releasing SmartStrand, they released SmartStrand Forever clean. It,s the same carpet that you know and love, but this time with two lines of stain defense! Mohawk didn’t want you to simply take their word for it, they wanted to show you! This final test was bigger than any test before. SmartStrand Forever clean was installed directly in front of the finish line at the Tough Mudder. The Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile long course full of feats of strength, extremely difficult obstacles, and lots of mud. In 2015, there were more than 10,000 runners on this course over the span of the race! Once again they cleaned it with only a steam cleaner, and it came out just as plush and clean as when they installed it.

Mohawk boasts strength, durability, and stain resistance, and they can do that because they deliver! Their carpet is amazing and affordable. But if you’re still not convinced, come on in to our store and feel it for yourself. Your wont be disappointed

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