Benefits of Leaving your Shoes at the Door

The most significant benefit to floors when you take your shoes off at the door is that there will be no pebbles or rocks in the bottom of your shoes that can scratch the surface of your floors. You would be surprised if you looked at the bottom of your shoes and saw how much dirt and rocks get caught up in the outsole! As convenient as it is to leave your shoes on in your home, especially when forgetting something as you’re running out the door, your floors will love you a whole lot more if you took your shoes off. Another key thing to remember is that specific soles from shoes will leave scuff marks on floors. This is something that I don’t often remember as I am constantly in and out of the house. I look at the bottom of my shoes, and when I see that they are clean, I forget that they can still scuff the floor. Here I will share a little more in detail about why it is a good idea to take your shoes off inside.  

Less Cleaning:

Whether it is mud in the spring, sand in the summer, or even salt in the winter… think of all the things you walk through in a day. Not removing your footwear at the door will undoubtedly increase the amount of dirt and grime introduced to your floors. This results in more cleaning. Leaving your shoes at the door can lead to fewer weekly cleanings.

Cuts Down Wear and Tear:

Wearing your shoes indoors may lead to more damage and decrease the lifespan of your floors. Even running shoes can scuff up your floors and heels can gouge. Wearing rugged treads can also wear down your carpets. Although our flooring options are designed to be durable and long-lasting, why expose your floors to more punishment than necessary?

Lowers Exposure to Bacteria and Toxins:

Though we might think it’s just mud, sand, and salt that we bring in our shoes, bacteria and harmful contaminants get a free ride too. Here are a few examples of what that may look like:

  1. Coal Tar Sealant

A standard asphalt sealant contains a high level of toxins that you don’t want in your home. 

  1. Herbicides/Bacteria

Herbicides from lawns, and bacteria from public bathrooms, are a host of unhealthy particles that all take up residence on the bottom of your shoes. Scientists say that the shoes themselves can get dirtier than a toilet seat. 

Benefits to your Mental and Physical Health:

Did you know that going barefoot or at least sock-footed in your home can help strengthen your calf muscles, improve your balance, and assist with posture? Removing your shoes can also lead to a mental health boost too. The act of taking off your footwear can be a mental shift, leaving the outside world at the door and stepping into the sacred space of your home. 

If you’re firmly in the “footwear indoors” camp, you may want to reconsider after reading about these advantages of removing your shoes. 

– Mikayla

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