Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are leftover pieces of carpet from different jobs. These remnants have endless possibilities and are why we don’t throw them in the dumpster. Here I will share lots of different ways you can use them as practical and affordable decor pieces around your home.  

One of the biggest benefits of carpet remnants is the convenience and reduced prices. There is no long wait time for special orders. Although the carpet is at a discounted price, it doesn’t mean the quality is low. They are still high-quality pieces from major manufacturers, at just a fraction of the cost. 

The only drawback of carpet remnants is the selection and availability. It may be hard for you to find your exact size or colour, so it helps to have an open mind! 

Area Rugs

Carpet remnants make great area rugs; they can easily be cut into a size and bound.

Stair Runners

If you have kids or pets, stair remnants are great to use as stair runners to prevent them from slipping down the stairs. Because you would probably need around 3 feet in width, there would be many options at your local flooring store

Upholstered Ottoman

Using carpet remnants to upholster an ottoman can be very inexpensive compared to buying a brand new one.  

Throw Pillows

Loop-pile and lightweight carpets are best for making decorative pillows.

Upholstered Headboard

To make an upholstered headboard, all you have to do is cover the front with your carpet and secure it using heavy-duty staples and nails.


Scratching Posts

If you are a cat owner, a carpet remnant is a cheap way to make your own fun scratching post 

Whether it is an area rug or a DIY headboard, carpet remnants are a great affordable choice to tackle these projects. Come check us out here in Stirling, and see our available carpet remnants that you can use for your new project! 

– Mikayla

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