Can Vinyl Plank Flooring Go in a Bathroom?

Have you been thinking of changing the floors in your bathroom but don’t know what to put back in? Sometimes choosing flooring in a bathroom can be tricky if you are not familiar with different types of flooring. You want to take into account that you will most likely get water on the floor often due to the sink and shower. I will answer the question right away, vinyl plank can go in a bathroom! But let’s go over its properties and reasons why.

Vinyl plank or LVP is a type of synthetic flooring that mimics the look and feel of real wood/hard surface floor as well as mimicking tile or stone visuals. Vinyl plank is very durable, and scratch and water-resistant. It can stand up to the steam and water produced in a bathroom.

HOWEVER, it is essential that you seal around the edges of your floating LVP with silicone caulking. You do not want water getting underneath your flooring. Vinyl plank is waterproof from the top, but if water gets underneath, your subfloor could become damaged. Your floors will still be able to expand and contract because the silicone caulking is flexible.

Now that we know that LVP can be installed in a bathroom, lets look at some examples.

Richmond Vinyl FirmFit Premium tiles

Above is one of our floating vinyl products, Richmond FirmFit premium tiles. These tiles are vinyl, with a cork underlay attached. These tiles click and float above existing flooring. FirmFit premium tiles come in 10 different visuals

Richmond Synergy Planks

Synergy planks are a vinyl plank that mimics wood. Synergy has 10 unique visuals including warm browns, greys, and dark browns. These planks have a modern take on classic colours.

Next Floor Lighthouse point

Lighthouse Point is completely waterproof and extremely scratch-resistant. These planks come in 8 distinct colours and are sure to please anyone who installs them.

Next Floor Expanse Tiles

These tiles come in at 12″X36″. With only 2 colours, these tiles have less variety but are attractive because of their size.

These are just a few of the options that we have for vinyl plank and tile, but all of these options are more than suitable to install in a bathroom. Come into the store and we can explore all of these options together!

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