Expand your tiles, expand your imagination

One of the biggest trends in 2022, was using large tiles on your walls. Whether this was in a shower, or as a backsplash, large tiles have taken center stage this past year. Minimalism has come back, meaning clean surfaces and fewer grout lines. Large format tiles are perfect for this.

Large tiles promote cohesion in a room. An accent wall can bring a room’s personality together. Having a bold accent that everything else can relate to, makes those things blend.

Large tiles also make a room feel bigger. As mentioned in a recent post about small tiles vs large tiles, a large tile reduces the look of clutter, and opens up the space for more light.

There are however a few downsides to large tiles. For example, installation becomes tougher when you are dealing with tiles this large. Your walls must be perfectly flat in order to install properly. If they are not, you risk air pockets behind the tiles, which can lead to cracking, and water damage later on down the road.

You also have to be incredibly careful with cutting these tiles. One wrong cut and you loose a lot of material due to the sheer size of the tiles. Large tiles are also not very common, resulting in less installers having experience working with them. Lots of installers won’t even have a saw large enough to install them.

Large Tiles are gorgeous!! Give us a visit, and we can help you discover if they are right for you!!

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