The Essential Tile Dictionary

Have you ever gone to look up a reference photo for a home renovation project and come up short of the vocabulary you need to tell google or Pinterest what you specifically want to see? This is often the reality, especially in a world when there are so many tile shapes, sizes, colours, and styles to pick through! In this blog post I will do my best to equip you with the keywords you need to pull up some inspiration for specific tile shapes and styles.

Tile Shapes

The basics: squares and rectangles

Square and rectangular tiles are about as basic as it gets in the world of tiles. These timeless tile shapes can efficiently cover a space, from one end to the other. They are simple to install and easy to look at! The simplicity of squares and rectangular tiles allows for endless tile layout styles!

This hexagon shaped tile is from Centura’s Carrara collection. This is a great tile shape if you are looking for a geometric but still natural look.

Centura’s Lanse collection in the colour mint- this long skinny hexagon shaped tile is known as a picket tile shape

Centura’s Metro collection in colour Dark Grey offers a rectangular tile in a Step Ladder layout. This pattern makes your walls look taller than they are.

This wall shows tiles installed in a block herringbone, or straight herringbone. From Centura tiles, this is the tile line Slash in colour turquoise.

This tile is a mosaic in the Penny Round style. From Centura in the colour black, this tile adds personality wherever it is installed.

This striking tile is from Centura. It is Marble Metal in colour East White, in a Diamond shape.

This Tile is displayed in an Arabesque shape. From Centura tile, this is small lantern in colour cream.

These stunning glass tiles are from Richmond tile and stone. They are Scalloped tiles in colour cloud.

Tiles can have so much personality, and I hope that we have given you a better knowledge of the tile language. Come on into Stirling Carpet and Flooring and see samples of all of these tiles.

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