The Zellige Tile Trend

Many trends have a way of coming back around, for example: the iconic look of midcentury furniture or art deco styles and patterns. Zellige tile is no exception!

What is zellige?

Zellige is an ancient style of tile that was first manufactured in Morocco around 900AD. Now, over a millennia later, zellige has resurfaced again in the design trends of our time.

The unique look of zellige tiles comes from the fact that each tile is slightly different. There are subtle variation in the thickness and beveling of each tile. When the tiles are put together on a backsplash or shower wall, the variations in the tile come together to create a beautiful mosaic effect that will throw light around spaces in a a mesmerizing way. This creates a stunning effect in spaces such as washrooms and showers where reflections off of the tiles are bound to hit nearby surfaces.

You can find zellige tiles in many different formats: rectangular, square, hexagonal- whatever you would like! Not to mention the wide variety of colour options available as well. Many people choose soft neutrals for a more subtle look, while others go for beautiful, deep bold colours such as green and blue that really highlight zellige tile’s moroccan heritage.

Check out this awesome example of real tera cotta zellige in a washroom belonging to designer Nicole Hollis, photographed by Douglas Friedman and featured on the Architectural Digest website:

Like the look but not the price?

When it comes to zellige, you have a couple of options. You could buy authentic Moroccan tera cotta zellige. It is beautiful! However, this route can be incredibly expensive. Don’t fret, our supplier Centura offers a variety of porcelain tiles that look like zellige, but at a much lower cost. Here are some examples:

Centura’s Artisan Collection

Cenura’s Artisan tiles embody the luminescent, high-gloss quality that is characteristic of zellige tile!

Here are examples of the Artisan collection in aqua and rose mallow

Centura’s Gleeze Collection

Notice the uniqueness and nuance of each individual tile in the Gleeze collection!

Rectangular tiles from the Gleeze collection in the colour Giada

Square tiles from the Gleeze collection in the beige colour

I love the look of zellige tiles (and zellige tile look-alikes of course!) Although layouts and pattern preferences have changed, this style of tile has been around for over a thousand years now, and for good reason! They have a soft, inviting quality that will add interest and warmth to your space. There is nothing more beautiful than something that feels authentic and unique to you and your own aesthetic preferences, so don’t be afraid to do something bold and beautiful with zellige tile.

Stop in and see for yourself just how beautiful and unique zellige tile can be!

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