Patchwork Tile

Hydraulic: Patchwork

Once in a while I find a design that pops out amongst the pictures and samples of wood floors and white, glossy tile. Patchwork tile, named after the type of quilts made by many, can be just the thing to jazz up a room. For those of us who need to step away from the traditional white, beige or grey, this is definitely a way to go! The mixture of patterns and colours while keeping very clean lines is so very different from the minimalistic style of many modern homes.

Encaustic: Blue, Glazed

But is it too much for a whole floor? Many times the design holds tiles within a section of the floor surrounded by its main counterpart. In the cafe pictured at the top of the page, the tile is inlaid within a wood floor. Below, it is surrounded by grey tile of the same size.

Patchwork: Classic 04
Patchwork: Classic 05

Is it better as an accent on the wall or floor? Or a bit of both, as above? Many times, patchwork is found as a backsplash in bathrooms and kitchens where the floors remains neutral.

Vintage: Stella
Vintage: Ottagono
Hydraulic: Grey

But despite all of the wild shapes, patterns and colours there are, if you want the patchwork look in a monochromatic colour scheme, try tiles from Centura’s Vintage line below. The faded geometric patterns in this line would fit well with a simple style. Patchwork for everyone!

Vintage: Calce

Be sure to check out more of our products and tile lines at Enjoy planning!

P.S. While watching John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” on youtube with my family, I shouted out during a certain kitchen scene. If you’ve got the time, check it out, and enjoy yourself during this self-distancing period. Hint: (I shouted at about 10:55)


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