Blue Geometric Tile


As we self-quarantine during this strange time of pandemic COVID-19, although many of us cannot complete the renovations we had hoped to, Stirling Carpet & Flooring encourage you to dream and plan!

When tiling a small bathroom, it is the perfect opportunity to add spice to your home without overpowering your, perhaps, neutral style. In a previous post we looked at spring green backsplashes so let’s look at the power of blue.

Sapphire Blue Flower Hexagon

With the combination of blue and white so popular in bathrooms because of its relationship to water, incorporating a geometric pattern can take it up a notch. From tiles with a dot pattern built in (at top) to various shapes tiled together, there are many ways to accomplish this.

Below you will find a combination of inspiration and what we offer at Stirling Carpet & Flooring. Happy planning!

Centura: Small Lantern; Blue

Throughout these bathrooms you can see hexagons, lengthy subway tiles, lanterns, fish scales AND some new shapes. Subway tiles, the most common go-to with homes, can be stacked vertically, horizontally or in a herringbone pattern. Directly below, while the main walls of the bathroom are white hexagons, the back wall of the shower is a herringbone pattern in blue. Above is a bold blue lantern tile surround, moving into a half wall around the sink.

Home Decorating Magazine

Centura: Zelik; Blue

Not only can you jive up your shower with colour and pattern, but incorporating two sets may be another way to individualize your bathroom. What do you think of the fishtail ‘stripe’ moving through the white subway tile?

And below, my favourite today, a new version of a hexagon creeping up a light grey wall. These leaning hexagons are from our main tile company, Centura, which come in various colours as well as blue.

Centura: Scale Benzene; Electric Blue

And last but not least, this beautiful, crisp triangle tile. What other geometric tiles have you found (or have)? Send us your photos and ideas!

Centura: Scale Triangolo; Electric Blue

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