Making your home a sanctuary

With people spending more time at home than ever before, houses are more than just four walls and a roof. Homes have become sanctuaries. Homes have become our schools, workplaces, and places of entertainment. Everyone has been effected by this pandemic in some way or another, and the flooring industry has noticed some changes in what we think is most important in a home.

Cool tones are out, and warm tones are in!

With Social distancing and masks making our everyday interactions cold and impersonal, it is important that our homes feel comfortable and welcoming. Replacing the popular cool tones with warm ones is a great way to do that. Cool and minimalistic themes have been increasingly popular over the last few years. Yet with the rise of working from home, people are finding that the once chic and elegant style, doesn’t suit the new, personal, and often isolated lifestyle. We want our homes to feel comfy and livable. Warm tones are incredibly helpful in setting that mood in a room. That is one of the key reasons that there has been an increase in sales of warm oaky products, as opposed to the recently popular grey and white products.

One of the ways that you can implement the calming warm tones in your own home is through flooring. By switching out your Greys, Blues and whites, you can achieve a whole different feel in your living space. Wood tones in reds, browns, and beiges are reminiscent of old farmhouses and cabins and have become very popular. We carry some hardwood products, if you are wanting to lean into the authentic wood. We also have a new laminate product, RevWood, that has an especially realistic look and feel with its beveled edges and woodgrain finish. As always we’ve got a huge selection of vinyl plank and tile products in a wide range of realism.

Not everyone is able to renovate their home, and that is fully understandable. So here are a few ways to make your home more comfortable that are more affordable.

Let in some light

Opening curtains and letting in natural light when possible, is a great way to brighten up any space and lift your mood. Especially nowadays when most people are staring at a screen all day.

Breathe in the outdoors

Opening widows and patio doors is a wonderful way to bring the outside, in. A breathe of fresh air can help to keep you focused and clear your head. It also helps to keep your space smelling fresh.

Accent with warm tones

From a design perspective warm tones are huge right now, but not everyone can redo their floors (though we wish we could). Accenting a room with warm browns, reds, oranges, and yellows, can really warm it up. You could add pillows or throw blankets to a couch, an area rug, flowers to a table, or maybe be bold and add some wallpaper or paint to an accent wall.

Add Plants

Plants are one of my favourite things to add to a room. Because there are so many varieties, a plant can go anywhere. Plants also have many benefits. They add life to a space that may seem stale or stagnant. Plants also help to clean the very air you breathe. Plants add a pop of colour, and a fresh touch to living spaces.

Love where you live

Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. So include pictures of your family and friends, especially in your workspace. little trinkets that make you happy are a fantastic way to make you comfortable and calm while staying home in a stressful time. That also means keeping clutter at a minimum. try to keep your primary living space mess free so that you are able to fully relax without worrying about chores.

Rock out

Keeping Music going even softly in the background of your space is great for productivity and can keep you focused. Music is also helpful when you are alone for long periods of time, making you feel less lonely. Plus if you have a surge of energy, you can crank it up and have a dance party!

We are all in need of a sanctuary, and I hope that a few of these tips have given you ideas of your own on how to build your sanctuary

Written by Mya Stolte

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