Sheet Vinyl For Today

Sheet vinyl has come a long way since the days of brittle orange linoleum. Now it is durable, easy to clean, and available in so many different colours ands styles. You even have the choice of either gluing it down, or laying it loose on the floor.

Sheet vinyl has been out of style for so long, that we may wonder where it should be installed. Vinyl flooring is more versatile than you might think (though you have to be mindful of seams, because it comes 12′ wide). I will give you a rundown on the most popular places to install sheet vinyl flooring, as well as some unconventional ideas at the end, so stick around!

#1 The bathroom

Sheet vinyl is perfect for bathrooms! It is waterproof and incredibly slip resistant. As opposed to a ceramic or porcelain tile that is typical for a bathroom floor, Sheet vinyl is much warmer and softer underfoot. Most bathrooms are not larger than 12′ in any one direction, so that makes sheet vinyl a perfect fit. If you chose to glue down your vinyl, you’d need to seal around your toilet and shower/bathtub to protect your subfloor. With these things in mind, you can find sheet vinyl for any bathroom!

Centura Tarkett Easy living vinyl colour Chevron Cappuccino

#2 The kitchen

Kitchens are another great place to put sheet vinyl for many of the same reasons. Because sheet vinyl is softer underfoot, standing at the stove cooking is less likely to give you back pain. Like this vinyl floor from Tarkett….

Centura Tarkett TruTex vinyl col Dune

#3 Mudrooms

Sheet vinyl is so simple to clean, which makes it perfect for mud rooms and other entrance areas. With no grout lines or beveled edges, mud and snow will have nowhere to get stuck. Just sweep, mop, and rock on! Work, rain, and winter boots are no match for sheet vinyl floors.

#4 Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are another great spot for sheet vinyl flooring. It’s great for spills, splashes and other messes that occur in the laundry room. You do have to be careful about the feet of your washer and dryer. Because they are so heavy, Moving them can be a tricky business, so be sure to lift them fully off the ground to avoid tearing the floor. But if I were to suggest one room to hold sheet vinyl, it would be the laundry room.

Most of our vinyl requires a glue-down installation on top of a plywood subfloor. We also have a loose-lay sheet vinyl called TruTex. This product has a fiberglass and polyester backing, so it can be laid right over most existing floors.

Now, here are some rather unconventional, but totally useful ways to install vinyl flooring.

In a Chicken Coop!

Putting a piece of sheet vinyl at the bottom of a chicken coop makes clean up so much easier! plus it adds a little bit of flair.

Drawer and Shelf Liners!

Putting a piece of vinyl in the bottom of your drawers or cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms ensures that and crumbs or moisture are caught, and will protect your drawers for years to come.

Here at Stirling Carpet and flooring, we sell vinyl flooring in lots of styles and would love to help you brainstorm about where YOU should install your sheet vinyl!

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